PVC Waterproof Membrane

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PVC Waterproof Membrane
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PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Waterproof Membrane


Kintop GFM-P PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) waterproof membrane is a type of high polymer waterproof material of high performance. It uses polyvinyl chloride as raw material, adding specified additives and anti-aging agents, prepared by advanced technique and equipment. The product has excellent tensile strength, strong elongation, small shrinkage rate, good flexibility at low temperature and long operating life. 

Main Application

The Waterproof and dampproof construction of industrial and civic roof, underground, water conservancy, railway, traffic construction as well as grain depot, swimming pool and water tank.

Product Features

• Excellent tensile strength, elongation rate and dimensional stability after heat treatment
• Great flexibility at low temperature and weather resistance
• High compression resistant strength
• Simple construction. Do the lap seam by heat welding operation
• Remarkable anti-corrosion ability makes it possible to apply to the special site
• Good plasticity makes it easy to operate the details


• Achieves the strong full-stick effect on cast concrete surfaces

• Simple construction process

• Withstand the backfill cutting

• Long lasting


Substrate Preparation

All Surfaces

It is important to prepare sound and solid substrate for installation of membrane to eliminate movement during the concrete pour. Substrates must be uniform and smooth and there shall be no gaps or voids in surface greater than 12mm.
Horizontal Concrete Blinding or PCC
The substrate must be smooth and uniform and shall be free of all unsound aggregate and sharp lumps. Curved or rounded substrates should be avoided. For installation of Kintop PVC, the surface does not need to be dry, but standing water must be removed.

Vertical Sheet Piling

Kintop PVC can be used for blind side waterproofing after either using geniting, concrete, or plywood or other suitable material to provide uniform surface for membrane installation.

Construction steps


Detail treatment


System Accessories


Operate equipment


Main Application

• Fix screws into metal sheet substrate;

• Fasteners and screws shall be fixed in the lap edge, screw type and deployment of screws shall be based on project condition;

• Isolation Layer shall be arranged between Waterproofing Layer and Insulating Layer, use non-woven fabric or geo-textile as material for Isolation Layer;

• Use fabric internally reinforced PVC/TPO sheets if applied by Mechanical Fastening Method, the artificial climate accelerated aging time shall be 2500h。

Detail Drawings


Physical Properties
Implemented Standard: GB/12952-2011





Packing: 2m x 20m (40㎡/roll)
After the complement of the waterproof course, pay attention. To protect the course and avoid any damage. During the construction and before the acceptance of the project, all the personnel are prohibited to walk above the waterproof course wearing spike.


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