TPO Waterproof Membrane

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TPO Waterproof Membrane
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TPO Waterproof Membrane


Kintop Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) membrane is a type of polymer waterproof material based on polypropylene (PP) and rubber, prepared by existing technique。 It is recycling throughout its service life (from its production till the end of its service life)。 There is no chlorine, heavy metal nor elements harmful to the roots and it is environmentally friendly。 


Main Application

• Mainly apply to the roof waterproofing construction of industrial, civil and public buildings.
• Membrane reinforced with mesh (TPO-P) is applied to the single ply roof waterproof system by mechanical fastening.
• Membrane with underlying layer of fabric (TPO-L) is applied to the concrete substrate by full adhesion waterproof system.
• Homogeneous membrane (TPO-H) is applied to the flashing area.


Product Features

• Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, tensile strength and elongation.

• Operation can be done on wet substrate. Directly expose to the weather conditions without any protective layer. Simple construction. No contamination.

• Repeat welding is possible.

• White color TPO to increase reflection of sun rays.

• Ability of resist the growth of mould and algae。


Substrate Preparation

All Surfaces

It is important to prepare sound and solid substrate for installation of membrane to eliminate movement during the concrete pour. Substrates must be uniform and smooth and there shall be no gaps or voids in surface greater than 12mm.

Horizontal Concrete Blinding or PCC

The substrate must be smooth and uniform and shall be free of all unsound aggregate and sharp lumps. Curved or rounded substrates should be avoided. For installation of Kintop PVC, the surface does not need to be dry, but standing water must be removed.

Vertical Sheet Piling

Kintop PVC can be used for blind side waterproofing after either using geniting, concrete, or plywood or other suitable material to provide uniform surface for membrane installation.


Membrane Installation

Kintop TPO, pre-applied fully bonded HDPE Membrane should be overlapped using steel roller to ensure complete bonding and to achieve continuity. Kintop TPO, pre- applied waterproofing membrane can be installed at temperatures of -5°C and above. When installing Kintop TPO waterproofing membrane in cold weather, care should be taken to pre-heat the bonding edge with appropriate means such as hot air gun or other similar means.


• For the waterproofing work of the roofing, underground and structural construction joint of new projects, as well as the lap joint and sealing of high polymer waterproof roll;
• For the sealing and waterproofing work of the structural construction joint of subway tunnels in municipal engineering;


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